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One in Five Buyers expect Shortages for Rare Earths

November 2019 | Market


Last month, Handelsblatt conducted a survey of 87 managing directors as well as purchasing managers. The results of the survey on raw materials can be summarized in three points:

  • Trade barriers erected for political reasons will increase and cause much more volatile prices.
  • Fifty-six of the polled expect commodity prices to rise. However, this is the lowest level since 2015. It is likely to result from an expected downturn.
  • When it comes to the secure supply of key raw materials, the responses vary widely: while there is little concern about electricity, oil or copper, around 20 of the respondents expect shortages of rare earths.

The majority of respondents want the EU to be more committed to the security of supply. Otherwise, Europe could fall behind competitors who are more involved in this area.

Source: Handelsblatt


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