Turbine with Praseodymium
Turbine with Praseodymium
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Brings aircraft engines to peak performance: Praseodymium

Characteristics of Praseodymium

The silver-white, paramagnetic metal is a dark brown to black powder in its oxide form. Exposed to air it is slightly more corrosion resistant than neodymium, but easily forms a green oxide layer that peels off. Like neodymium, it is highly flammable.
praseodymium heap

Applications for Praseodymium

Analogous to neodymium, praseodymium is mainly used for the production of permanent magnets. It is very similar to neodymium, which is why it is often used in magnets together with neodymium. It is also used in alloys with magnesium to produce high-strength metal for aircraft engines.

As praseodymium improves UV absorption, it is also used for eye protection glasses (such as welding glasses). Praseodymian compounds are used for greening crystal glass as well as for ceramic materials with high electrical conductivity.

Numerous applications and increasing demand: Praseodymium is sought after on the market.

Numerous applications and increasing demand: Praseodymium is sought after on the market.

Physical Asset Praseodymium

Worth Knowing

Continuous growth in magnet manufacturing will drive up the need for praseodymium in the long term. Experts believe China will not be able to cope with the continued increase in demand on its own. This allows opportunities for new suppliers to enter the market even with higher prices.

You can find out more about Praseodymium on our information page SelteneErden.de.

Praseodymium Oxide from TRADIUM

TRADIUM sells praseodymium as a tangible asset in oxide form. This has two decisive advantages: Oxides can be stored almost without limits. In addition, every industrial usage of rare earths depends on oxides. The oxide state thus makes it easier to liquidate the asset.

Price History

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Note: The graph shows only the price history of the metal in the leading trading form, but not a concrete price. This always depends on the delivery quantity and other factors. The graph is for orientation only. We would love to tell you more in a nonbinding information talk.