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The first choice for a precious metal purchase and in demand as jewelry: Gold

Properties of gold

The precious metal is thus threatening to become scarcer and significantly more expensive. No wonder. It impresses with its shine, its high weight and its apparent imperishability. But on its own it is not particularly hard, but rather malleable and soft. Only as a component of alloys it does become stable. Its property as an excellent electrical conductor makes it a much sought-after raw material in microelectronics.

As a pure element, gold consists of atoms with a uniform mass number. Gold is very acid-resistant, does not react with oxygen and is resistant to most environmental influences. Pure gold does not discolour and is not very reactive.


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Applications for Gold

The areas of application for gold vary widely. For jewellery making, gold is the most popular precious metal in the world. Der älteste bekannte Goldschmuck – das Gold von Warna – geht bereits auf das Jahr 6500 v.Chr.The oldest known gold jewellery – the gold of Varna – dates back to 6500 BC.

The Industry is also very interested in the precious metal. The optical industry appreciates the metal’s high reflectivity and uses it for coating infrared laser mirrors, among other things. The cosmetics industry has also discovered gold for itself: creams with nano gold provide additional UVA protection and, together with silk proteins, are supposed to help against premature skin ageing.

The jewelry industry is still the largest gold buyer in the world after the investment business.

Real Value Gold

Worth Knowing

Gold is only present in small quantities on earth. In the history of gold mining, around 200,000 tonnes of gold have been extracted to date. The current annual gold production in mines amounts to about 3,500 tonnes, with another 1,200 tonnes of scrap gold added through gold recycling. Most gold comes from China, Australia, Russia, South Africa and the USA. The best-known of all precious metals has always been considered a crisis investment and is valued by investors as a safe haven.

Gold jewellery is particularly popular in populous countries. Because where prosperity is growing, the demand for gold jewellery is also increasing at the same time. There, the precious metal serves the purpose of a store of value. The rarity of gold on the one hand and its special attractiveness on the other are the reasons why it has become the most important monetary and precious metal in the history of mankind.

Trend of Prices

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