Microchip with gallium
Microchip with gallium
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Drawing Gallium Crystal


The miracle cure for higher computing power: Gallium

Characteristics of Gallium

Gallium is a silver-shimmering metal that stands out for its fascinating inconsistency: Already at just over room temperature (29.8 °C, 85.6 °F) it melts and constringes in the process. However, the boiling point of the raw material is extremely high: gallium only begins to boil at 2,403 °C (4.357 °F).


Gallium Crystal

Applications for Gallium

Gallium is used in a lot of exciting areas of application. These include semiconductors, solar systems, electrical engineering as well as LED and OLED. LED is increasingly being used worldwide, the photovoltaic industry is growing and sales of mobile high-tech devices such as notebooks and mobile phones are increasing. The result is a full-fledged gallium boom. The resource is also used in permanent magnets, which are important for electric vehicles and wind turbines. Of minor economic importance, but far more well known, is its use in fever thermometers as a substitute for the toxic mercury.

The demand for gallium is estimated to be six times the current production volume in 2030.

The demand for gallium is estimated to be six times the current production volume in 2030.

Physical Asset Gallium

Worth Knowing

Gallium is a critical resource, which means it is of high economic relevance but only of limited availability. This makes gallium ideal for an alternative investment. The global production capacity of the rare metal is currently at around 720 tonnes per year and is considered to be exhausted.

However, demand is constantly increasing: For foreseeable technical innovations up to 2030, the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research expects a worldwide demand that is six times higher than today’s world production of gallium.

Find out more about gallium on our information page gallium.de.

Gallium from TRADIUM

Since 2004 TRADIUM has been the European representative of the well-known Chinese gallium producer Beijing Jiya. Gallium, which you buy through us, has a particularly high purity and thus represents a tangible asset that is sought after by the industry.

Price History

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Note: The graph shows only the price history of the metal in the leading trading form, but not a concrete price. This always depends on the delivery quantity and other factors. The graph is for orientation only. We would love to tell you more in a nonbinding information talk.