Electromagnet with dysprosium
Electromagnet with dysprosium
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Drawing Dysprosium Pile


The booster for electric motors: Dysprosium

Properties of dysprosium

The silver-grey heavy metal is stretchable and bendable. It is very noble and therefore very reactive: it oxidizes in the air, it is attacked in water, it dissolves in dilute acid. In its oxide form, it is a beige-yellow powder.


Dysprosium oxide clusters

Areas of application for dysprosium

Similar to neodymium, dysprosium has strong magnetic properties. Dysprosium is a component of permanent magnets that still have to function even at high temperatures. It serves as a shielding agent for nuclear reactors and is processed in energy-saving lamps. It is also used for the production of laser materials, glass and halogen lamps.

Limited production and unbroken high demand make Dysprosium a sought-after investment property.

Limited production and unbroken high demand make Dysprosium a sought-after investment property.

Material Dysprosium


Although the industry has been trying for years to reduce the proportion in the alloy for high-performance magnets, for example, dysprosium is considered irreplaceable in many areas of application. Since the annual production volume is only around 500 tonnes, dysprosium is threatened with long-term supply bottlenecks.

You can find out more about Dysprosium on our information page SelteneErden.de.

Dysprosium oxide from TRADIUM

TRADIUM sells dysprosium as a tangible asset in oxide form. This has several advantages: Oxides can be stored almost indefinitely. In addition, every industrial use is based on oxides. The oxide form thus increases the liquidability of the plant

Trend of prices

price chart dysprosium

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