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Gallium in Innovative MicroLED

November 2019 | Innovations

LED Display

Gallium is processed in many modern light-emitting diodes, short LED (light-emitting diode). The range of applications for LED technology is growing rapidly. Organic LEDs, or OLED for short, are located in increasingly flatter, color-brilliant screens of consumer electronics and in the advertising industry’s display screens. In the automotive industry, LED are used in both indoor and outdoor lighting. In fiber optic cables, LEDs often produce the light through which the data is transported.

Osram Opto Semiconductors is now developing micro-LED as part of the SmartVIZ research project, or µLED for short. The diodes, designed as indium-gallium-zinc-oxide-thin-film transistors, are intended to form the basis for innovative, “transparent, high-resolution and direct-emitting visualization solutions,” Osram said. (translation by TRADIUM) On the one hand, Osram mentions the lighting industry as a conceivable area of application. On the other hand, µLED are supposed to enable content visualization on transparent surfaces; they will therefore also be relevant in the growing field of augmented reality (overlay of real image and animated image, for example for driving assistance systems).

Source: osram.de (german)

LED Display

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