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Formula e: Entertaining Ambassadors of Modern Technology

March 2020 | Innovations

The Jaguar Team formula e car

A buzz, somewhere between elevator and jet fighter, mixed with the squeaking of the tires of 24 racing bolides: this is the formula e. The all-electric racing series launched in 2014 with the aim of offering a new kind of racing – comparable to Formula One, but quite different. To achieve this, the creators around racing legend and FIA boss Jean Todt have come up with a lot. All teams start with identical chassis, tires and accumulators. Research and development are therefore limited to the powertrain (engine, inverter, transmission). Various boost options provide numerous overtaking maneuvers and short-term tactical decisions – that means more action for the spectators. The emission-free technology and the top speed of 225 km/h allow the racing series to build tight and exciting racing courses in the middle of cities (e.g. in Berlin, Rome or Marrakech).

In addition to the racing experience, Formula e also has very practical benefits. Automakers can develop and test concepts and techniques of electric driving here. For example, thanks in no small part to rare earth magnets, the efficiency of a formula e-bolt is already up to 90 % today, while an average gasoline engine reaches just 25 %. After Porsche joined in 2019, almost all big names are represented in the racing stables with AUDI, Mercedes and BMW. The spectators can not only enjoy the race, but also experience state-of-the-art technology from bionics to virtual reality up close at numerous supporting events. And this technology is becoming more and more popular. So it is quite possible that we will soon hear “jet-powered elevators” more often in our neighborhood.

Beginner’s Guide To Formula e

Race-Infos New York 11 Jul 2020

Source: e-formel.de

The Jaguar Team formula e car

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