Strategic Metals in High-Tech
Strategic Metals in High-Tech

Profiting from Progress

Strategic metals as tangible asset directly from the industry partner

The new asset class

Precious metals have become expensive, the real estate market is saturated. Stocks and funds are a game plaything of risky stock market speculation. Strategic metals are the new asset class for all those who want to diversify their portfolio in a future-oriented and crisis-proof manner. Their value is determined solely by supply and demand.

Our customers physically buy raw materials as tangible tangible value.

The new asset class

new asset class

Raw materials for future technologies

Neodymium wind turbine

Raw materials for future technologies

Technological progress is advances with giant strides. Electromobility, renewable energies, fast Internet with fiber optics: All important future technologies require strategic metals. The demand for these tangible assets is increasing and increasing, but the availability of raw materials is critical.

Benefit from this by purchasing Strategic Metals as a physical asset.

useful value to touch

Inflation- and crisis-proof

because it is not exchange-traded

useful value to touch

Physical property value

which is actually consumed

useful value to touch

High liquidability

thanks to reliable customers

Buy from the industrial dealer

TRADIUM has been active on the market for more than 20 years. Our high-quality product comes directly from producers from all over the world. We only buy goods that meet all the requirements of the industry. This allows us to easily liquidate your raw materials.

At TRADIUM you buy Strategic Metals directly from the importer.

How easy it is to buy Strategic Metals

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1. Information conversation

We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and explain the next steps. Just give us a call or ask for a callback.

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2. Offer

If you are interested in buying, we will make you an offer. You can only buy one raw material or a mixture of technology metals and rare earths at will.

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3. Storage

On request, we store your property assets at our sister company METLOCK. The highly secure duty-free warehouse specialises in strategic metals.


You can liquidate your tangible assets at any time. TRADIUM will be happy to offer you a market-oriented buyback offer. The raw materials are then resold to industry.


Make use of over three decades of experience with Strategic Metals!

Managing Director Matthias Rüth and TRADIUM Privat Manager Maximilian Vogler personally take care of questions and concerns of interested parties.

Now plan the next steps to expand your portfolio.

Phone: + 49 (0)69 50 50 250-262


Want to know more?

Further information on the raw materials and the areas of application in which they are processed can be found on our website and in our brochure.

Stay informed

Our newsletter informs you about innovations and market movements concerning strategic raw materials.

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