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5G increases Demand for Gallium and Germanium

November 2019 | Innovations

Man working on 5G radio mast

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics (IAF) is currently working on energy-efficient and high-performance 5G technology based on gallium-nitride as part of the 5G GaN2 project. Gallium, as part of the semiconductor compound gallium-nitride, is an ideal high-frequency power amplifier. It is to be used in 5G radio masts. This makes gallium so relevant for the expansion of the 5G network worldwide and thus for technological progress. Reuters reports: “5G is seen as key to future technologies such as autonomous driving, virtual reality and Industry 4.0.” (translation by TRADIUM)

A huge amount of new radio masts are needed for the construction and expansion of the 5G network – and to connect the masts, a nationwide fiber optic network. Germany still has considerable catching up to do here, and the large construction phase is only just beginning. Germanium ensures fast and error-free data transmission in fiber optics. Two innovations that should increase the demand for the technology metals gallium and germanium.

Sources:reuters.com & iaf.fraunhofer.de (german)

Man working on 5G radio mast

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